captivated by him

“Terri E. Laine has the unique gift of pulling me in and ensnaring me in the story, never letting me go until the lastpage. I found myself almost figuratively at the edge of my chair… Thisbook was like a roller coaster ride and evennow my heart and thoughts are still racing.” Kingston Westmoreland,Unbound Book Reviews

From USA Today bestselling author Terri E. Laine comes a new standalone romance about an imperfect hero and the woman he can’t let go.


I hate Gavin Volk.
I hate that he’s gorgeous.
I hate that he knows it.
Most of all, I hate that I might have a thing for him despite all his secrets.
With the body of a rock star,
and lips the shape of sin
Every girl on campus is captivated by him;
Including me.
But I’m not stupid enough to let him know it.
I won’t let one drunken mistake break me.
If anything he’ll be begging me for more.


Beautiful Megan Stevens walks around campus like guys should drop at her feet.
She’s stunning. I’ll give her that.
But her smart mouth and snarky remarks make me want to throttle her.
She’s the last girl I ever want in my bed;
Until she is.
One drunken mistake and I’m hooked.
She’s like a drug and I’m addicted.
There’s only one problem, I can’t be with her.
Not if I expect to keep her safe from the secrets that haunt me.