captivated by him

“Terri E. Laine has the unique gift of pulling me in and ensnaring me in the story, never letting me go until the lastpage. I found myself almost figuratively at the edge of my chair… Thisbook was like a roller coaster ride and evennow my heart and thoughts are still racing.” Kingston Westmoreland,Unbound Book Reviews

From USA Today bestselling author Terri E. Laine comes a new standalone romance about an imperfect hero and the woman he can’t let go.

From the moment I meet Gavin Volk, I’m captivated by him.

His gorgeous body draws me in, his wicked stare turns me on, and his kisses light me on fire. I know he’d never hurt me, but rumor has it that he’s dangerous.

That he’s got connections to the mob.

Just when I think I’ve broken down his walls, he builds a fortress between us.

He has a choice—let me in, or let me go. But if he tells me the secrets he’s keeping, I’ll have to make a choice too.

Am I strong enough to stay?