tainted king

You are missing out if you haven’t added this story to your must read list. The author has composed a story that will have you attached to your kindle from beginning to end. It’s suspenseful and full of heat…with characters you instantly love and need more of​… Amazon reviewer

My move to the city goes horribly wrong.
My roommate situation falls through and every hotel in the city is full.
The most arrogant man I’ve ever met, Liam King, drives up to drop someone off and ends up offering to share his hotel room.
If I wasn’t desperate and my dad dangerous, I probably wouldn’t have done something so stupid.
But there I was, sharing a room with a stranger, a hot one.
Our connection is instant. Our attraction combustible.
Somehow, I resist both and keep him firmly in the friend zone.
None of it matters when my life isn’t my own.
When my father comes for me to make good on the promises I’ve made, I make a choice of my own.
Only, Liam isn’t happy with just one night together.
But if the tainted King wants me, he’ll have to take me from the future husband my father arranged for me.

This is a box set of the original King Me duet – King Me and Queen Her