rogue king

Terri, you did it again!! Connor and Lizzy’s story is great!! I love their chemistry, and the push/pull of their relationship is so great!! I couldn’t put it down once I started reading!! This is definitely a must read along with the Money Man series if you have not read any of them yet!! I would give it 10 ⭐️ if I could!!​… Amazon reviewer

Connor King is no Prince despite his bank account.
He’s a grade A grump who prefers his women on their knees.
Something this princess will never do.
Our relationship is more than complicated.
It’s starts with me flipping him off. Then there is a bet between us that goes horribly wrong.
But things get heated when I send him a DTF text.
That’s about the time I find out my hideaway crash pad is his place.
We may love to hate each other, but our nights together are fire.
When we’re forced to fake being married for the sake of appearances, it should be a temporary a game.
Until the men that are after me catch up and Connor puts his life on the line for me.
I didn’t know what love was until the roguish man came into my life.
By the time this is over, one of us will break. And it isn’t supposed to be me.

This is a box set of the original Kingdom Come duet – Kingdom Come and Kingdom Fall.