merciless protector

A standalone – AVAILABLE NOW

Meeting the man of my dreams while tied up and in need of rescue isn’t ideal.
My brother sent him, further ruining any chances of a happily ever after for us.
Yet Matt Moore checks all my boxes. Tall, gorgeous and dangerous.
Except when I meet him, he tells me his name is Shawn.
The first of many lies he tells me.
And there is one more complication.
Make that two… pink lines.
Matt has disappeared from my life after that eventful night.
If he turns up, my brother is going to kill him.
But there is something I have to do before I can have any type of future.
Kill the man that had ruined me.
And to do that, I need help from the only man to star in my fantasies.
I need to find Matt Moore or have him find me.

This will be a complete standalone spinoff of the All The Kings’ Sons series featuring Matt, Lizzy’s twin brother.