kingdom come

?HOT HOT HOT!!!? This book is everything! Every girls fantasy all wrapped into one! I love this book so much! If you love a mysterious bad boy then you HAVE to grab this book… Autumn Madrid, Goodreads reviewer


“Slumming again, princess?” So he remembered me. “I hope I didn’t interrupt something,” he said with a sly grin, belying his words.
I gave as good as I got. “Only the smack-down I’m about to lay on you.”
His lips twitched as he tried to hold back a grin. Talk about satisfying.
“Why don’t you put a little wager on your words?” he asked.
Never backing down from a challenge, I said, “What is it you want to play for?”
He glanced over me. Actually, a better description was that his eyes did a slow perusal of my body. I felt as much as saw his eyes taking me in. “You aren’t my type. I like women with curves.”
There he was spoiling things by opening his gorgeous mouth and saying crap like that.
“Who said I was offering?” I snapped.
“Who said I wasn’t taking?” He leered at me with a smug smile. “Just because you’re not my type doesn’t mean I won’t sample.” He let his gaze drop down my body again. “How about your total submission for a day? Whatever I want.”
“What do I get when I win?”
“Sweetheart, that isn’t likely.”
I huffed, shifting a hand to my hip. “There isn’t anything sweet or heartfelt about me.”
He chuckled and after licking his lips, he said, “What do you want if you win?”
What did I want? “Same deal. Total submission for one day.”
“Doesn’t sound like a hardship, princess.”
“It might be if I walk you around New York with a dog collar around your neck,” I said.
He leaned in and whispered, “Do you know what to do with a collar, princess? Because I do.”