“King Me was another unputdownable and highly entertaining story that left me breathless and begging for more.” Sejla, Goodreads review


Love…I don’t believe it exists.

My parents are prime examples.

But when Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome takes pity on me,

I’m helpless not to become his prey.

What are men like him made of?

Everything that should make me run.

Yet, before my life no longer belongs to me,

I want to enjoy the ride.

I can only pray my heart will be intact when it’s over.



I’ve got one mission.

To have the man that fathered me, King Me as his.

I deserve the billions as much as my legitimate brothers do.

But I’m thrown off that pursuit by a pint-sized woman who saves lives as a career.

By contrast, my job during many combat missions has been to take them.

We are too different.

Yet, she’s a beautiful distraction I can’t seem to give up.

I’ve made the mistake of falling in love before.

I won’t do it again.

So when I’m forced to choose between becoming a King and saving her life—

The choice is simple.



Kingdom Fall – extended epilogue

“What the bloody hell?” Kalen said, reaching me before Lizzy.

I didn’t answer as I had to roughly shift Liam so I could perp walked him down the hall, and into the parlor on the right. Lizzy glanced at me as I passed, but I said nothing only gave her a look asking her to trust me.

“Sit,” I demanded to Liam as I shoved him toward the sofa.

He stumbled a bit before catching himself and turning to face me.

By then, Kalen and Lizzy were at my back. Liam glared at us. Too bad for him, calm Connor had fled the building. Mr. Black was in his place.

“I said, sit,” I commanded.

Most prey recognize a predator. His eyes widened and he nearly tripped over himself to get to the sofa.

“Who are you?” I asked, needing to start the interrogation from the beginning.

I had to give him credit. He lifted his chin. “Liam King.”

What he hadn’t notice was that I’d removed his wallet as I shoved him into the room. I held it up. Before I could open it, he said, “That last name is my mother’s.”

“Why do you claim to be Royce King’s son?”

His eyes narrowed. The guy had some fight in him. “My mother told me so.” I was about to ask the obvious question when he stopped me. “Don’t you dare suggest she lied or she’s some slut. Just ask him about the time he went to Maryland to get his brother to sign away all his claims to King Enterprises.”

I might have staggered back but Lizzy caught my hand lending me the strength to not show any surprised.

“That’s right,” he continued. “He met my mother then.”

Kalen cursed in Gaelic when he heard Bailey calling for him. She walked in and glanced at each of us as we stood over the stranger who’d given us the shock of the century.

None of us knew Da had a brother. Not once had he ever mentioned him. I wasn’t ready to fully believe this Liam just yet.

“You never answered the question. Do you know a Grant King?” The fact that Liam didn’t carry the name, I was beginning to think they weren’t brothers. I had a bad feeling I already knew what he was about to say.

“Grant is our cousin. He’s our father’s nephew.”

KING ME – coming soon