“This short and sweet story about a curvy girl and a single Dad had me absolutely swooning. I don’t just want more…I NEED more. Terri E.Laine is absolutely amazing at making you fall in love with her characters. By the end of this book you’re goingto want to be a part of this family.” Heather, Amazon reviewer

When Honey Hunter goes on a job interview to be an in-house nurse for an elderly man with mild dementia, she’d hoped his son wouldn’t be the only one-night stand she can never forget. Only he is. If she accepts the job, she has to remember he’s her boss, not the man that tuned her fantasies into reality.

Jake gets more than he’s bargained for when his father insists he hire Honey, the one woman he can’t get off his mind. As she works her way into the hearts of his family, he has more to consider than just his need for her. His heart—which has only completely belonged to one person—his daughter, is quickly getting tangled up in Honey. If he’s not careful, the line between employee and employer will completely blur.