absolutely mine

It is heartfelt and heart-warming, sizzling hot and passionate, all at the same time.Anakalia, Amazon reviewer

Jillian Evans has always been second best; second prettiest to her sister. So when the one man she’s ever loved marries another, she tries to take it in stride. Until he shows up at her job with news that he isn’t as married as she thinks. Their one night many years ago in Vegas has bound them together in more ways than one.

Eddie McCabe is used to getting what he wants. He earned his way through law school and passed up a chance to be with the one woman who beguiled him for many years. Now he has a second chance. He may have made a promise to stay away from Jillian, but that’s one promise he’s going to have to break.

Warning: Eddie McCabe delivers on his dirty talk. He will do filthy things to make Jillian his.