A beautiful sin

5 STARS! A breathtaking, gut wrenching, suspenseful, and just overall heart stopping story that keeps you captivated from start to finish!Kat Grimes, Tsk Tsk What To Read

***From USA Today Bestselling Authors, A.M. Hargrove and Terri E. Laine, comes a standalone, taboo love story about a virgin priest who is forced to choose between his faith and the woman he falls deeply in love with.

I am a sinner.
Or rather my stepfather branded me as one.
The bruises hidden beneath my clothes prove it.
The first time I tried to run,
The boy with the chiseled face and steely eyes turned me away.
He sent me back to the hell I was living in.
Finally free, I cross paths with that boy, who’s now a man.
The tragedy in his eyes is no match for the rage that has brewed inside me and the misery he condemned me to.
Yet, he elicits a sinful fire within my body and soul I can’t ignore.
He fills me with lust … because I am a sinner.

I am a sinner.
I’ve been told that a thousand times.
No punishment is severe enough to cleanse me.
Not even those that are fuel for my nightmares.
I’ve given my life to atone for my sins.
But it’s not enough.
It will never be enough.
The soul I tried to save so long ago from my personal hell, was sent to a different monster.
The harshest penance can’t erase my mistake.
Worst of all … I shouldn’t want her … need her … dream of touching her.
Because I am a sinner… and just a moment with her would be a beautiful sin.

This is a full-length stand-alone contemporary romance.