tempting mr. heartbreaker

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My relationship with Jake, aka Mr. Heartbreaker, is complicated.
He needed a ride home from base returning from a tour of duty, I’m his driver.
His soft smile, but hard body is enough to land me in his bed.
One hookup with the gorgeous man should have been it.
But time can’t erase the memory of how he’d worshiped my plus sized curves like I was beautiful.
I never expect to see him again.
So how do I end up living with him?
He needs a caregiver for his father and I need a place to stay.
Now he’s my boss.
Yet our insane attraction is impossible to resist.
He knows just what to say to make me forget he’s off limits.
His reassurance that we can work should be enough.
Only there’s one other complication.
He’s a package deal.
There’s nothing sexier than a man who puts his family first.
So when his daughter’s mother returns determined to have him;
He has a choice to make.
If I put my feelings aside, I’m not sure it should be me.
He’s determined to prove me wrong.
Blinded by my feeling for him and his family, I’m desperate for him to be right.